Use to show a graphical weather forecast for any location on the globe!

Drag and drop the marker (or just click directly), and the meteogram will update itself automatically for the chosen location. Alternatively, look up or detect your location in the header section. Drag the slider in the header to alter the number of hours, or click on one of the time markers.

Note that the meteogram is resizable and draggable, so put it anywhere you like, at any size! Double click the meteogram to hide it. As usual, the map itself is draggable and zoomable too.

If you're a fan of the meteogram format, try the app and widget for Android. The markers that flash up on the map here on, and the resulting heatmap, show user activity from the Android app! The location data is completely anonymised, and a small amount of jitter has been added so that the marked locations are not exact. Furthermore, zooming is deliberately limited.

Follow @meteograms for updates. Brought to you by cloud3squared.

Obtain an API token to allow you to embed your own custom meteogram in your web page (like this) or on your phone's home screen (via a suitable widget like this). Head over to the meteograms API dashboard to obtain one.

New: change the meteogram style!
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